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Sheers Sheers Sheers

Okay, so all I have to say is Sheers Are Life!!

So rewind to 2014 during our build when the time came to select blinds/sheers I always wanted to have sheers in our home, however, getting hubby on board was hard. He thought they were a grandma thing, I don’t blame him though you need to know what to choose and from back when our parents used to have sheers there are so many more options now.

So fast forward to now and safe to say Hubby loves our new sheers as much as I do! We have had so many compliments on them and now I want the whole house done.

A couple of months ago now I had the lovely team from Dollar Curtains and Blinds (DC+B) come and give me a free measure and quote for Sheers. One of their lovely consultants came to our home to give us an in-home consultation, she brought out all the fabric samples, brochures, and expert advice to help select the perfect sheers.

I was in the process of changing our living space and it was the perfect time to change the whole look of the room and add sheers to help soften the space, so I also had the Dinning -Living and Master bedroom measured for sheers.

Now when it comes to choosing sheers I highly suggest doing a lot of research on styles and fabrics and to consider the space they will go in and the overall feel you want to achieve. Once you know what you would like {dont stress if you don’t though} the consultants will also help guide you and make any suggestions or recommendations for your space. If you are in the middle of a build ensure you have samples with you of the flooring, wall color, furniture that will be in the space to be able to choose the best color fabric for your sheers or blinds. If they will be going into an existing space fully furnished you will be able to lean your fabric samples against the walls and furniture and even hold them up to the window to see how sheer or thick the fabrics are. This way you will have a better visual of how the overall space will look.

As I mentioned, were in the process of restyling my living space, we had all our old furniture still in the room when we had the space measured up and looked at samples, however, I had fabric samples of our new sofa and already had Andrews rocking chair in the same fabric to compare with. I also knew I wanted white-based sheers to last longer no matter what furniture design and colors I used over time.

The day finally came to have the sheers installed and to say I was over the moon would be an understatement.

The install process was amazingly fast. DC+B has their team install all the sheers and blinds which is amazing. It was such a fast process and an instant transformation of our space.

I chose the same colour sheers for all the rooms, kitchen, and living room area in the same open plan so having the same sheers is the best way to go, in saying that our home base colors are all the same so naturally I used the same in the Master Bedroom too. I chose The Ballina Pearl which is a soft white (not a crisp white) They were all installed over our existing roller blinds, (our roller blinds were installed during our build and have double roller blinds, sheer/transparent at the back, and block out in front) we also went with the Wave fold for a more modern look.

In the Living room, we have stacker doors so we did wall to wall sheers in a right stack, which means the sheers all open and stack to the right-hand side, this is also to be able to have all doors fully open during summer and the sheers won’t be in the way. Again in the kitchen, we did the same right stack however the sheers are only over the door.
In the Master bedroom we did Wall to Wall but this time we did a center close, meaning the sheers open from the center and stack to each side equally and close to the center. All The sheers finish a few cm above the floor and are installed under the cornice, giving the height illusion making the space look higher and more spacious which I absolutely adore. The sheers are all installed on a track and can easily be removed to wash/clean them if you wish, you can find out more about the care and maintenance of the sheers or blinds on their site.


BEFORE AND AFTER – Master Bedroom

Pricing will vary on the size of your window, the fabric you choose, and the finish of the blinds. It is always best to get the team out for a free measure and quote to get a better breakdown of what they would cost for your home.

I am so so happy with the way the rooms turned out, it simply feels like a new home. The sheers instantly change the look and feel of the house, they create softness and elegance to each room and give a soft defused light which is so incredible and perfect for all interior lovers who also love to style and photograph their homes.

If you have been thinking about getting sheers in your home I highly recommend DC+B they have such an amazing selection to choose from to accommodate any style of home. Their in-home consult and measure and quote is absolutely the best thing ever and having them install for you is so convenient.

Getting sheers finally installed in our home has been the best thing I’ve had done so far.


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