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This year has been such a crazy one and being home has meant all new DIY projects to keep us busy and let’s face it who doesn’t have that creative bug from time to time.

Well you have all seen my DIY projects on IG and so many of you have loved them and asked all about the glue we used and materials and when to see more project.

So, as you know by now, I’m a huge fan of Gorilla Glue products. They are my go-to around the house for my projects and just to simply have at home when needed.

I’d love to know which of my three DIY project was your fave so far.
The DIY Bobble Vase
The Floral Wreath
The Earring Holder

From what I gather on IG the most popular by far has been the DIY Bobble vase and in all honesty, I don’t blame you. It is one of my fave and so super easy to do.

So, I have listed all the details below on how you can re-create the look. Please do tag me if you try this vase and don’t forget you can personalize it to the colors of your home. I am thinking I may make another one in white as it’s so pretty!!

Materials You will Need:

  • Gorilla Glue Clear Grip – here or here
  • Old glass vase or any glass tumbler you would like to turn into a vase
  • Paint color of Choice
  • Paint Brushes
  • Drop sheet

Before you start:
Make sure your Vase is clean from dust. Ensure you have a drop sheet down for any glue or paint
residue to fall on and not make a mess on your table or bench top.


Grab your Gorilla Clear Grip Glue and start by dabbing small spots on your glass vase. You can have them as close or far apart as you like, have them in a row or just dab in any place you feel looks nice. There’s no wrong or right.

Once you are happy with the look let the vase dry. Glue recommendations are for up to 24h however I have found this glue to dry super-fast so check it within an hour or so and if its dry proceed to step 3.

If you wish to use the vase as décor only, any paint will work fine. I used wall paint from porters paint in baby doll. If you wish to use the vase with water and flowers you can buy glass paint so it doesn’t tarnish or seal your final look at the end with specific waterproof varnish


Grab you paint and paint brush. paint over you glass and glue, you will likely need 2-3 coats of paint depending on how thin or thick your paint is, I only did 2 coats. Let your paint completely dry between coats so no clumping of paint occurs.

That’s it you are done; you can now seal or leave your vase as is. Add some blooms and style it up. Super easy and such a great look.

You can also see the IGTV tutorial here on how to make it.
For more on Gorilla Glue range of products please see their site here

This blog has been sponsored by Gorilla Glue. All wording and Images are my own and I have only shown what I truly love and believe in.


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