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Firstly WOW !! what a year we have all been through! We should all get some extra presents this year am I right? haha

Okay so you have all been asking what I’m getting the kids for gifts this year and I’ve already shared a few on stories or as a post. However I always love having all the gift ideas in one place. I’ve compiled some of my fave Christmas gift ideas for the whole family I’m sure you will love too. I will also share on my stories and save as highlights more.

This year I have decided to do the NEED, WANT, WEAR, READ and Something from Santa, as every year we end up just spending money on toys that they only play and use for a month maximum and dont you just hate when you spend money on crap they dont use? My kids also have birthdays close to Christmas and it all ends up to be one too many presents to think of.


Make up kits: I have previously had some pretend ones for Christie, But she has been asking for real Makeup this year. MCo Beauty have a gorgeous Limited edition collection called OH SWEETY I’m sure any little girl/ teen girl will love everything from their collection and if your quick they also have a Black Friday sale on at the moment !! These can also be found at your local Woollies.

Christie already has some from MCo Beaty and i have saved an eyeshadow box for her to open as her WANT gift.

Jewelry: All girls no matter the age I’m sure would love some jewelry and Francesca has the most gorgeous collections you can choose from. Buying a braceleted and each year adding a charm would make it extra special or simply some new studs or a necklace. Perfect for Girls, Mums, Grandmothers, fiancés and wife. Try code GEORGINA15 for a discount it may still be active.

Toys: Now our go to toys all year are usually from Moose Toys, Leap Frog and Vtech
These can be found in Target, Big W, Kmart and even Catch of the day. I highly suggest searing at each store to see who has a sale or the lowest price. Beat the crowed and order online with click and collect. Saves you on shipping cost too!! woot woot

Kindi Kids ranges is amazing and Christie already has these

Vtech + Leap Frog Technology – Cameras, watches and tablets perfect for both girls and boys as they are available in a range of colors.

Leap Pad – here / Kiddi Zoom Smart Watch – here / Kiddi Zoom Camera – here


OK So I always find the boys the hardest to shop for but I have been googling and insta stalking sales and sites haha so here are some. Kinderfeet Australia have an amazing range for kids toys of all ages google their stockiest for prices, Andrew already has the tiny tots bike and we are planning on getting him a tool box for his WANT gift.

Tiny Tots Bike – here / Tool Box – here / Trucks / Car – here (Try CODE: KYREELOVES for a discount store wide)/ Connetix Tiles – here / Vacuum – here / Sand Building Kit here (Use CODE: GEORGINA10 for 10% off or link gets you automatic discount)

FOR ALL KIDS – here are some gender neutral ones however im a strong believer that toys should not be gender specific so keep in mind that all the above will suit both girls and boys too or each site may also have so many more options for you to brows through !!

Natural Playdough set – here / books – here / Crayons – here / Matching Hats – here (also use code WWXMAS for 25% OFF the caps )

I have also bought some Christmas Books for both of mine as part of their READ present which I got from Big W

FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: These are perfect gifts to get the kids as a joint present and perfect for older kids or the whole family to enjoy too!

Vuly Trampoline – here / Globber Scooters for all ages – here + here (Try CODE: MISSKYREELOVES for a discount) / PlayStation – here

CHRISTMAS THEMED PRESENTS I Love this time of year and love everything Christmas themed, from décor to clothes. I always buy my kiddies matching Christmas pjs every year since Andrew was born. I also find a few small Christmas themed cute gifts for the kids to have to open on Christmas eve and every year each kid gets to choose a tree ornament they will eventually have once they move out.

Kindness Advent Calendar – here / Santa Shoe stencil – here / Christmas Mugs – here / Gift Tags – here / Elf on a shelf – here / Santa Sacks – here

FAMILY MATCHING – most men wont want to match in anything Christmas related but if you can manage even a cute themed pic these would be amazing to send to family as a gift. For men I usually opt to just buy them pj pants and paired with a plain white t-shirt or knit something plain and basic.

Target matching pj sets for the whole family here

Womans Red Pj set – here / Mens Pj Bottoms – here / Pj Nightie – here

Camera bag – here / Slippers – here / Bag – here / Sunglasses – here / Belt – here / Activewar – here (Activewear are having a Black Friday sale also so keep an eye on their page)

Back Pack – here / Bottle Opener here / Golf Balls – here / Wallet – here / Orbit key – here / Hat – here

FOR THE HOME: My mum has been NAGGING me to print some photos of the kids for her to have around the house, So her gift this year is a framed photo collage from MEMORABLE MOMENTS App and a Calendar for her to have at home. Use CODE: WOOL10 for 10% off photo products

Bedding – here / Cushion – here / tree décor – here here

I also got my kids some cute festive outfits From Marks and Spencer for a little photoshoot that ill send to all our family and friends. I’ve also included a newborn set for you if you have a little newbie this year.

Boys Outfit – here / Girls Outfit – here / Glitter Shoes – here / Baby Outfit – here

I hope you have found this helpful. If you dont do the WANT, WEAR, READ, NEED, and FROM SANTA for the kids then I normally like to either buy a big gift that I can add to it each year, like a play kitchen and each year at birthdays or celebrations I can buy parts for the play kitchen, devices, play food etc.. One year as Christie has a bike we added a bell, helmet, streamers and a dolls seat and basket as a gift to be added onto her bike. This way they are getting something they will use and not just random toys they will play with a few times and just take up space. I hope this little tip helped and the possibilities are endless.

We also got the kids a Trampoline (the Vuly Ultra) as a huge joint gift this year from us so they can both use it as they grow. We also have on our list for the coming years a Cubby House and Mud Kitchen which will be a joint big gift they will both love and use.

Please Note this blog contains products that have been kindly gifted to us, however I have only shown what I truly love and believe in and will buy or have bought!


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