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So now that Andrew is well and truly on the move its time to think about the kid’s safety and this is for both of the kids as even though Christie is older she doesn’t always understand that he can get into all her little toys.  I’ve used the Dreambaby® clear adhesive Mini Multi-Purpose Latches Value on some of my cupboards that have things in them I don’t want the kids getting into. I love the fact that they are adhesive and clear so I don’t have a bulky safety lock on my cupboard or have to drill holes through them. 

Andrew has started crawling –  he is all over the house and in a split second I turn around he’s on the other side of the house. He’s such a little curious bubba as opposed to when Christie was little, he loves exploring and getting into everything and every single room. I can imagine what awaits me when he starts to walk. I really wanted a play pen or play enclosure –  extremely helpful in so many ways as I can have Andrew secured in a specific space where he can play but still be able to move around freely without him being tied up or restricted with his movements. The Dreambaby® Royal 3-in-1 Converta®  Play-Pen Gate is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Firstly I love the fact that it’s not a bulky black playpen just sitting in the middle of my living space. Its got such a slim and sleek design and is adjustable size so you are able to make the size and shape you need for your space. It can also be used as a barrier long gate or a protective guard around a room, kitchen or even fireplaces. It can also store pretty compact taking up way less space than a normal play pen and you can also take it with you when you travel. 

One of my must-haves now as a mum is a bath thermometer. I used to test the water with my hand with Christie and honestly it was absolutely wrong of me as each and every one of us has different tolerance’s to heat and cold. By using the Dreamybaby®  Herbert the Turtle’ Room & Bath Thermometer not only is it a cute bath toy for Andrew but also accurately tests the water temperature and has a screen that indicates the temperature and also has a little light to help show if its too cold (green light) or too hot (flashing red light). Plus you can use it in their nurseries as it tests the room temperature as well – great with summer around the corner.

These are my top baby proofing tips and what we have been using at home and have loved. I would absolutely love to know if and how you baby proof too.

Thank you to  Dreambaby®  for Sponsoring this post. I have only shown what I truly love and believe in. All images and wording are my own 


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