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A few weeks ago, I had told you about how Christie is a fussy eater and usually sticks to a couple foods and just rotates them.

Once she started solids up until she was a couple months shy of turning 2yrs old she would eat everything. Now, when I say “everything” literally everything, even pickled stuff! (Which is usually on the sour end and kids tend to not like those tastes.) Christie would eat veggies, meats, fish, pasta, rice – all no problem.

Then she started to become picky, to the stage where she wouldn’t even try the food before deciding she didn’t like it. Straight up she would say “No thank you, Christie don’t like it” and that was that.

The foods that she eats are pasta with just halloumi cheese, any type of meat which we tell her is basically chicken and it depends how its cooked (no sauces) sometimes she will have some rice, potatoes only as jacket, roasted or fried/oven baked.

From the meat department she will have burgers, chicken (roasted, grilled, fried, nuggets, schnitzel and sometimes if it’s made with a sauce-based food) and again based on these types of chicken dishes she will also eat pork and beef which we tell her is all chicken. Side dishes to these would be either rice or potatoes. Salads, greens or veggies are a no way. She will have the occasional cucumber, only.

I usually hide veggies in other foods. Like carrots and zucchini grated in either cake, cupcakes, banana bread and even meat (burgers, meat loaf) but if a speck of green or orange is to be seen. Good bye food, down into the bin it goes.

Green smoothies have been a savior! I jam pack them with green veggies and fruit and she lovesss it, even if it’s a green color. YASSSS!!

As you can see, she’s super fussy. Not only is she fussy, she’s very particular on how she wants her food served too which drives me cray cray. Now I know what my mum went through with me as a child. I would always want things a particular way; a cheeseburger with no cheese, but they couldn’t call it a hamburger ha ha ha (yep now she definitely takes after me). 

If your child is also a fussy eater, I think a good option to top up your child’s nutrients is to supplement with Kids Smart Vita Gummies Multivitamin for Fussy Eaters contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals, plus added vegetable extract powders. They’re suitable for children 2+years and may help fill some nutritional gaps.

If you consider the option of giving the supplement to your child, before you do so always read the label and follow the directions of use.

Now I have honestly tried so many different ways to hide healthy food in her food that she eats so she can eat better and i’m honestly hoping it’s a phase and will change soon and not when she’s 22 like I was.

This Blog has been Sponsored by Kids Smart. All imagery, words and thoughts are completely my own and I have only shown what i truly believe in.


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