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Today I wanted to show you all how I style my bed along with some little tricks I use that aren’t visible unless you go up close to the bed. BUT… Ill also share some little tricks you can use when you are styling a bed for Instagram.

Bellow I have done a little video for you all to view on how I put my bed together. Now bear with me as it’s my first EVER time making a video from scratch and all on my own with a 10+ year old camera that needs to be updated asap. I also made this video quite a while ago but never made it on the blog or Instagram.

To start off make your bed as you would normally, I love to mix and match my top sheet and fitted sheet sometimes but also love the same pair, depending on the season I’ll choose what I love most. 

Here Im using two duvets (one is feather filled the other is just a regular doona) by using two together I can have a fluffier bed when finished, you can also achieve two layers by having one in a larger size than the other and again will be able to use two different color covers.

I’m sure by now you all know I love using textures and layering, therefore I use two quilts (a queen & a king) I usually have the shorter on top but here . I have also use two throws, the blue diamond design I’ve used to break up the pink quilt cover as I’ve also got the same color in the prints and cushions and would have ended up just too much pink if I only used one. I have then added the chunky knit throw on top to create a warm and cozy feel but to also tie it in with the art work.

When styling the bed, I always draw colors from the prints I use and incorporate them in the décor items and the bedding to tie in the whole look of the room.

Below I have added some little tips and tricks, but if you have any questions on the video or how I style the bed please do let me know.

I hope this has been helpful for you when it comes time to style your bed.


  1. Invest in a white single flat sheet and add it to the base of the bed to act as a fitted sheet. Run it length wise across the bed at the top end where the pillows will be and tuck it under on the sides. Once the quilt is on-top of it no one will know its not a fitted sheet.
  2. Use two throws for added warmth, use a plain and textured one that will compliment your other décor items to tie in the whole look.
  3. By using two throws you are covering more bed space, this way you can hide the fact that the bedding isn’t ironed.
  4. For larger fitting pillow cases fold the bottoms and place them carefully on the bed with the folded side down and facing towards the bedhead.
  5. Make sure the pillow inserts openings on the pillows are facing inwards and both pillow case openings are facing each other.
  6. When you have a fitted sheet always go under the bed and pill it inwards to insure the sheet isn’t sagging and creates a fitted look.

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