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Hello Lovelies,

Today I wanted to share a new topic I wouldn’t normally share about on Instagram.  So pre bump some of you may know that I had started to watch my diet, well hubby and I started something similar to a keto diet, we basically cut all carbs and sugars from our diet and  eat more veggies and healthier snacks.

Well after we found out I was pregnant with bub no2 we basically stopped, but I started to compare my symptoms and the way I felt during my pregnancy with Christie and I basically eat so much during my first trimester I probably put on 7kg in just those first few months.

As I didn’t want to repeat what I did then, I decided to watch my diet and also start some mild exercise, now before I go into more detail I just want to let you all know I’m in no way qualified in health or fitness, this is just what worked for me and what I want to apply to my lifestyle.

I basically then decide that yoga would be a great and fun way to start and would also Include Christie in this as there’s some amazing books and videos for kids yoga.

Yoga also helps kids focus more and be a bit calmer. I then went searching for some products and books that would help us get started to do some home yoga and found all the necessities at CATCH.COM.AU they have an amazing selection of books for kids, teens, parents and even for yoga during pregnancy which I loved as I’ll be basically doing yoga while pregnant.

We started off with the basics, a yoga mat, shoes and a few books to help us out for our first steps. Catch has such a wide variety to choose from you won’t need to shop anywhere else. All your fitness products can be found on their site and at some super amazing prices. I always look for a great bargain especially when it’s on branded products.

Christie absolutely loved this Go Go Yoga for Kids book I found on CATCH AUSTRALIA, it has some fun photos and illustrations that she couldn’t wait to pop on her new runners and start mimicking the books images, it was super cute. I also found a few more cute books for kid’s yoga that we have order that I’m sure she will love. Ill pop those suggestions at the end along with a shop the look of what we started with.

To complete our fitness workout we had to also change the way we eat so we started eating more healthy foods and snacks and made a daily smoothie which was great as Christie would get so many nutrient’s she wouldn’t normally eat, but I’ll have more details on food in another blog.

I hope you love our little intro to yoga, I will have more on this topic as we start to get a better hang of  it. I have added a shop the look along with some amazing suggestions you can buy from catch to get you started. Whatever type of fitness routine you choose to go with CATCH Australia is a one stop shop for all your needs. 

1.NIKE Runners | 2. ASICS kids runners | 3. YOGA MAT | 4. GO GO KIDS YOGA book  | 5. PREGNANCY YOGA Book 

Here are some of my top picks which you can add to your yoga routine as you go.


Thank you to CATCH Australia & Shopping Links for sponsoring this post. All items shown were hand chosen by myself, I have only shown what I truly love. All imagery, words and thoughts are my own.


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