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Hello Lovelies,

Happy Thursday, I hope you have all had an amazing day.

I seriously can’t believe its summer already and almost the New Year. As some of you may know I love summer and anything with a summer styling feel. So today I’m going to share with you some summer styling with my Plush Sofa and how to restyle your living space with some summer looks.

Our Plush modular sofa has been one of the most asked about items from my Instagram, so naturally this is my key point to start my styling. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Plush Sofas and my sofa then here is a little bit about them.

Plush have over 16 years of experience and more than 30 showrooms nationwide. They focus on designer sofas at an affordable price.  They have a wide selection of sofas to choose from along with fabrics and leather to suit your home. One thing I love about their range is that you can customize the sofas to suit your space and style, from the design, shape and color, this is perfect with the modular ranges they have. You can read more about their history here.

When it came to choosing our sofa we already knew we wanted a modular design but we were a bit clueless as to what style, shape and color fabrics there were. Having a few showrooms close by to us we went in and the team was absolutely amazing at helping guide us through the options.

We loved the Berlin Modular and wanted to go with a grey fabric so the lovely lady handed us the swatch collection to choose from. They had so many samples available which was amazing as this gave us more options than normal. We decided on the Mondo Grey/Charcoal fabric, which is a grey/black weave style.

Finalizing our order we had some extra options to include, like Plush Shield® Fabric Protection which is an extra warranty. We though this was so good to have as we were just about to have Christie, and we weren’t sure that kids and new sofas mixed. This gave us piece of mind that the fabric wouldn’t stain and soak through and we’d be covered if anything happened. 

My sofa is my focal point of my living space and after almost 3 years of having it, it’s in good condition, Its the place i emphasise my main styling. 

As its summer, I decided to focus on a few key pieces that would help spruce up the space and make it feel new again. Styling a modular couch can be a bit hard for some at times as they generally are larger.

Investing in some great cushions with a summer look, texture and color palate is a good place to start. The rule of three and two applies to your sofa and the cushions. Start off by adding 3 cushions to one corner 2 in the middle and 3 in the other corner (and repeat the pattern for larger sofas), add some depth and layer with some gorgeous throw rugs or cowhides.  Then it all comes down to your walls and floors and all the small accessories.

Below I have made two summer style looks you can re-create for yourself or take some inspiration from. My home has a Scandi look, but these selections will easily fit a Boho, Vintage and even Costal theme with a few little tweaks.

I love using a variation in textures and colors, as my sofa is a 6 seater and a chase I need so many cushions usually, but I’ve paired it back to create an effortless look. I went with neutral colors (natural and tan) and added blush as my accent color; these are all pared with a gorgeous throw for some depth. Having a variation in neutral cushions will help me create more looks to suit each season, this is done by simply swapping out the accent colored cushions and adding a new color or designs to suit accordingly.

My second key tip to create a summer look is to tie the look together with Artwork. I’ve mentioned this so many times, but it’s such an easy and affordable way to change your space and tie it all in with your accessories.  I’ve added a floral pink print and a gorgeous wall hanging to compliment my first look with the blush hues.

To complete the look, I’ve added some greenery to help liven up the space. Adding plants in some gorgeous blush and neutral pots in a variation of sizes and playing with their height, this helps them tie in with the overall look and gives the space some depth. All that is left is some amazing blooms on the coffee table with a selection of books or magazines and a candle or trinkets again to create layers, height and depth to the space and not having it all look flat and one dimensional.

For my second look, I have swapped out all the blush tones and gone for a more Costal/Scandi look by adding hues of soft blue and ocean theme elements. To achieve this look I’ve changed my prints to have a beach and Mediterranean feel to them with the stunning beach and doorway prints, you can also add a driftwood woven wall hanging instead of prints.

I have kept all my neutral colored cushions as the natural color and texture gives a perfect costal touch, pairing them with a blue and coral designed cushion completes the scandi/costal look. It also helps to tie it in with the artwork. I’ve added more depth and texture with a natural fringed throw to create a soft and cozy feel. Costal is all about natural earthy elements that remind you of the sea side, so keep this in mind when creating your space.

I’ve opted to move my blush pot but keeping the natural and timber stand with greenery and touches of light timber form the base of any coastal look. This is where I have also added a second timber coffee table to bring the natural timber element to this look. You can also achieve this by adding a jute rug or some large jute floor cushions. Finish off the look by adding some coral decor to the coffee table and more natural wood elements like coasters or a woven tray with trinkets and candles. 

By investing in your key pieces such as your Sofa, rug and coffee table and keeping them neutral you can create so many looks to suit each season or even style. By swapping out a few key pieces to your space you can create so many new looks. I hope this has helped you get into the summer mood and given you some inspiration to style up your space.

Georgina xx

Berlin Modular Sofa – Plush think Sofas | Here

Look 1

Natural Cushion – Sea Tribe | Here
Blush/natural lumbar Cushion – Sea Tribe | Here
Round Faux leather Cushion – My little Joy | Here
Blush Pom Pom cushion – Sea Tribe | Here
Flower Print – Wool and Willow | Here
Blush Wall-hanging Wool and Willow x Interior Motives | Here
Blush and Natural Pot + Stand – Toast and Honey Studio  | HereHere & Here
Blush Throw – Canningvale | Here

Look 2

Coral Cushion – Cotton and Thread | Here
Round Blue Cushion – Kmart | Here
Natural Fringe cushion – Sea Tribe | Here
Tass Oak side Table – Opaque Handcrafted | Here
Door Print and Sea Print – Wool and Willow | Here & Here
Floor Rug – Rugs of Beauty | Here

This blog has been Sponsored by Plush – think Sofas. All products have been chosen by me, wording and imagery are my own. I have only shown what I truly love


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