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Hello Lovelies,

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m way too excited for Christmas this year (well every year). It’s my favorite time of the year and it’s also my Birthday month ANDDDD I love summer time, so I guess you can see why I love it so much ha-ha !!

I get so excited that all Christmas décor goes up in November and gets packed away after the 6th of January (tradition). This year I’m much more excited as finally Christie understands what it’s all about, who Santa is and that we get gifts, oh and of course chocolate, or as Christie says Choco lol.

Every year once all the Christmas décor is out and in every store, I simply can’t resist buying more bits and pieces for the tree and home, I love to deck out the whole house so it’s in the Christmas spirit. I even bought a small Christmas tree for Christie last year to decorate herself.

All my tree ornaments are mixed and matched and usually in pairs or in threes as I don’t like to have the whole tree looking like a stores window display. I also love having personalized pieces or ornaments that have some memories attached to them.

This year I’m heading out to buy a new tree so wish me luck, I also need lights (because I always need a million lights on my tree), fairy lights for Christie’s tree, more decorations and I’m getting a head start on finding gorgeous wrapping paper and ribbon as last year I left it all to the last minute and could not find anything that I loved. I’m already so late in putting up all my décor this year.

So if your anything like me and like to have your décor up early and start your x-mas shopping for yourself, the home and even gifts, I’ve compiled some of my favorite items I have used to style my home and some amazing gift suggestions.

These are just some ideas that I love and hopefully you will too. Keep in mind, when it comes to styling your home always take into consideration the style and feel of your home and what color palate you have or desire to have even just for Christmas.

I decided to keep some blush and rose gold on my tree and styling but I love to mix and match metals together and always buy the majority of my décor in white wood and gold, as I can easily swap the colored décor items every year to suit the style or color theme I want to go with that year.

We also got a Santa sack for all of Christie’s big presents from Santa and some super gorgeous linen stockings that have been personalised with a custom stitched initial for Christie and Hubby’s and mine with a personalised leather name tag, these are perfect for Hubby and I as we don’t usually buy each other big presents. I find that stockings are perfect for us “Oldies” and we can just fill it up with small items like chocolates and cookies, because who doesn’t love chocolate?

We will also be leaving Cookies and Milk for Santa along with carrots for his Reindeer’s,  I always used to leave carrots when I was a kiddie for the Reindeer too, please tell me im not the only one?! These custom made plate and cup are perfect for this and I love the fact that they are simple and will look gorgeous in any style of home and Christmas theme you might have, the older kiddies will have fun setting them up for Santa too. 

Another gorgeous piece I love for Christmas decor are wooden plaques and prints, these are an affordable ways of styling for christmas without spending so much, you add some greenery or christmas blooms to the plaque to jazz it up a bit and prints can be moved all over the home. OH!! and lets not forget, how can you have christmas without the scent of christmas cookies in your home?? so candles are a must have for this season.

I hope you all have an incredible time styling up your home and make some memories along the way, I’ll be blasting Christmas tunes for 3 days while Christie and I style up our home get glitter on the floors walls and us.

Hope you love the Christmas styling ideas and at the end I have put together a gift guide if you would love some ideas. I’ll have a blog up again once the house is fully decked out as I still need to get a Christmas tree.


Georgina xx

Christmas Initial + Bow Stocking | Little Willow Vintage
Personalised Tree Santa Sack  | Honeysuckle and LimePom Pom Stockings | Honeysuckle and Lime 
Santa Plate + Cup | Three Wild Ones here & here 
Merry Christmas Plaque  | T-Leaf Collections
Heart  | Wool and Willow
Christmas Candle | Wool and Willow
Musical Instruments | Baby Noise here & here 
Play dough | Dough My Dear Play-dough 
Custom Bon Bon’s | Write to me 

Below I’ve made some gift idea selections for the kiddies that are perfect for girls and boys, and how could I not make a gift guide for grown ups too? Now you can hint your hubby to the blog hahaha. Hope you love these small collections and help you with your christmas shopping.. 

1. Personalised Floor Cushion – Here | 2. Angel Doll – Here| 3. Night Lights – Here| 4. Dinner Set – Here | 5. Personalised Pillow Cases – Here | 6. Dolls cot – Here | 7. Cot Bed Cover – Here | 8. Wooden Toys truck & Train – Here | 9. Personalised Crowns – Here | 10. Doctors Play Set – Here

1. Journals – Here | 2. Shaving Kit Set- Here| 3. Men’s Accessories Bag – Here  | 4. Mug – Here | 5. Tote Bag – Here | 6 Chocolates – Here | 7. Custom Watch Set – Here | 8. Pajamas – Here | 9. Personalised clutch – Here | 10. Strappy Dress – Here


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