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Styling for La Lovie

Hello lovelies hope you had an amazing Thursday!!

I recently had the pleasure of styling up some gorgeous products from the lovely Irene from La Lovie, who have some modern, whimsical and original handmade designs for your little ones.

La Lovie are a Los Angeles, US-based design studio and husband and wife team. They base their shop values on using only eco-friendly materials which also makes them safe for children and the environment.

When it came to choosing products, I chose based on what would look lovely and compliment the products and style already in Christie’s bedroom. It’s also important to choose products that match and compliment each other even if they are styled together or individually. As you may also know from my previous blogs and styling, I have mentioned before that sticking to a specific color palate helps have a cohesive styled room.

As I have changed Christie’s room into a warmer color scheme I wanted to choose products to compliment that warmer look.
La Lovie has a wide range of snuggle blankets for your little ones and this discreet knitted blush blanket with textured flowers is simply gorgeous, they also have other colors and blankets perfect for boys nurseries too. The star on the end makes it extra special and perfect for smaller bubs to hold and keep occupied if you also wanted to use it with your pram. 

I also fell in love with their handmade dolls, the one I chose and styled is a custom design but La Lovie have a wide variety to fit any style or color palate for your little one’s rooms. You could even email Irene, from La Lovie  if she would be happy to make a custom design for you. They are so magical and perfect heirloom dolls to have.

Another fun little décor item are their night lights which have a fun factor to them. They turn on and off with a simple touch of the hand and slowly change color. It turns off automatically after 15 minuits and its with led light so it doesn’t heat up. Christie absolutely loves turning hers on and off even when it’s not bed time.

La lovie have a wide range of products from, musical and night light cushions, throws/ blankets, handmade dolls for both girls and boys and knitted socks and leggings. I hope I have given you some fun inspiration for your little one’s bedrooms.

I Have added a shop the look below with direct links except the doll as she was a custom design. For all other products please feel free to comment bellow and I will get back to you.

1. HELLO NIGHT LIGHT – Shop here



4. DOLLS (full range of dolls) – Shop here 


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