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Master Bedroom

As the weather is changing and the warmer days are almost behind us, I thought it was a good time to style up my master bedroom, give it a freshen up, as its one of the rooms in my house that needs a little revamping.

I had left my master bedroom till last to style as I’m super picky to what would go in the bedroom, it had to be stylish yet comfortable and a place where both hubby and I would love to spend time and relax in. Another significant role to choosing accessories and color palette for the room was considering it’s a shared place, it had to be appealing to the both of us. So, for most people this is where you might compromise some or your styling choices to suit the both of you.

I have stuck to my signature grey’s and whites that work so well for me in our home along with the touches of natural wood and leather throughout this room to accomplish that neutral base that is easy to work with and update at any point with pops of color through accessories.

“Most important is to create a warm and cozy environment despite the cool and crisp color palette”

To achieve this I combined a mixture of textures and layers keeping to the neutral colors with adding just some touches of hues of blue and Blush, tying all this in with the artwork and floral arrangement.

As a stylist, I try to find the balance between luxury and inexpensive, yet on trend products. It is important to find the balance between the two, trends change per season and if you are like me then every few months you will want to change and restyle your home.

Below you can shop the look I have created, for example, these amazing Canningvale bed sheets and Donna cover are simple yet luxurious, this is the one piece you would want to invest more in, it provides you comfort without compromising on style.

Vintage soft wash cotton quilt cover set in grey – Queen size $269.95
Vintage soft wash cotton sheets in white – Queen size $299.9

I always loved having a gallery wall so as seen in my guest bedroom I have recreated a gallery wall that has a slight structure to it. A gallery wall is a great way to showcase all the prints you love (and we all know there are so many gorgeous ones around) So this is a combination of something sexy and feminine but not to overpowering for the bedroom.

“Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and sizes to create your own gallery wall, choose your key dominant print and pair it with some softer ones”

Backside print – Hello little birdie
Feather Print – Wool & Willow
Hydrangea print – Martin Moore

One of the most popular items that would instantly transform your space would be leather details, I choose the staple leather strap holder which is versatile and can be used in any room of your home, here it has purely decorative purposes but if you are one to read in bed then it would make a perfect book or magazine holder.

“Add a touch of luxury with leather detailing and layering”

Styling my master bedroom I used natural fibers such as cotton and wool to layer over the quilt to create depth and warmth to the room. My newest throw addition is this cream tassel one, from Sheridan. This one has a lovely fringe detail to finish off the look of the bed.

A styling tip I have when decorating a bed would be to only use 3 accent cushions to tie in the whole room together. Stick to texture, plain color and pattern. So many overdo it with cushions on the bed these days that just creates a cluttered look to the room.

Leather strap holder in natural – Interior Motives
Fringe natural rectangular cushion – Sea tribe
Round natural avocado dye tassel cushion – Burnt Country
Fringe throw in creame – Sheridan
Pink Valentini throw – Canningvale
Linen european pillowcases in teal – Target
Velour cushion in grey beach – Target

I would love to know what you think of this new look and if you have any questions feel free to ask below.

Thanks for reading

G xx


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