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Hello Lovely’s and Happy Tuesday!!

I thought I’d put together a small blog all about cushions. Now if you’re like me then you probably have so many cushions and are always on the hunt for new ones, so I’ll try and list a few of my favorite cushions on the market at the moment from various retailers in a variation of prices, some will be budget friendly and some a bit more expensive.

So firstly I’d like to apologies in advance for any damage you’re about to do on your bank accounts hahaha..

I recently discovered some amazing new small businesses that have the most amazing cushions. I have had the pleasure to work alongside some of them as you may have seen in my previous blog posts and Instagram images either through collaborative photo-shoots or from my recent room makeovers.

Personally I love cushions an every room has so many, I do tend to stick to my rule of only 3 cushions in bedrooms with the odd occasion I would pop in a fourth if needed. Lounge areas are a place where you can add more cushion or less and would depend on the type of couch you have and would also be in pairs of 2-3 cushions. Don’t forget the rule, 3 accent cushions, texture, plain color and pattern and you will always get it right.

  1. Home Republic Axel Blush Cushion | Shop here
  2.  Home Republic Hampden Cushion Natural & Blush | Shop here
  3. Teal Buttoned Cushion Lumbar | Shop here 
  4. Tassel Merino Blush Cushion | Shop here
  5. Kew Desert Sand Cushion | Shop here
  6. Aspen Cushion Natural | Shop here
  7. Kai Cushion Natural | Shop here
  8. Tilda Cushion | Shop here
  9. Mt Lion Tamer Cushion | Shop here
  10. Freya Lumbar cushion Natural | Shop here
  11. Round Tan Leather cushion | Shop here
  12. Velvet Round Peach Cushion | Shop here
  13. Gene – Round Blue and Tan Cushion | Shop here
  14. Landry Navy Box Cushion | Shop here

There are so many gorgeous textures and warm colors to choose from now with winter fast approaching. I am already planning a mini color palate makeover in Christie’s room and possibly my guest bedroom with so many new cushion selections.

Stay tuned to see some of these amazing cushions in my upcoming photo-shoots and room installs.

I hope you all like my selections and have fun shopping.

Lots of Love

G xx

Ps: I have my eye on #5 and #7 for a mini makeover


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